Draw, Plan & Share with DesignPad

DesignPad is the easiest and smartest way to sketch ideas, create a workspace of drawings and collaborate with others. Our smooth, retina-display ready graphics and innovative scaling point pen make DesignPad your go-to app for brainstorming and sharing ideas.

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  • Multi-Page Workspace

    Need to organize your drawings and idea? We’ve got the answer! DesignPad’s innovative multi-page workspace let’s you visually organize your work to tell the story you want.

  • Snap to Grid or Freehand Drawing

    Whether you’re working on rigid corners or smooth curves, DesignPad has a setting for you. Can’t decide? Want both? No problem, toggle from snap to smooth anytime.

  • Undo to Infinity

    Seriously, even after closing the app. Even with shared Workspaces. Sound crazy? It is! But it puts DesignPad ahead of other drawing programs, just the way we like it.

Version History

DesignPad 1.0 December 20th 2012

The initial launch of DesignPad

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